Our Team

Brittany Pierce - Campus Director

Brittany Pierce is an upcoming sophomore at Alma College. She is double majoring in Sociology and History with a minor in Public Health. She is a member of the Model United Nations team, the Public Affairs Institute, the Honors Program, the varsity Cross Country and Track & Field teams, is Head Editor of the campus newspaper, and President of the Student Agricultural Group for Advancement. After college, Brittany hopes to join the Peace Corps. to be an Agricultural Extension Volunteer, to continue developing Big Box Farms across the country, and to attend law school. 

Montgomery Finch - Fellow

Montgomery Finch will be starting his junior year at Alma College this fall. He is involved in the Model UN team at Alma as well as Greek Life. Montgomery is studying Political Science and History with a Law focus. After Alma, Montgomery plans to go law school and study trade law. Eventually, Montgomery hopes to be involved in politics and run to become the first independent President of the United States of America. 

Arieanna Eaton - Fellow

Arieanna Eaton is a Global Public Health major at Alma College with a passion in improving health outcomes for all communities. In order to raise the status of international health, initiatives must be developed which aid the most vulnerable populations at state and local levels. This theory is put into action with the Big Box Project, which is why Arieanna is passionate about the work! 

Bridget Flanery - Fellow

Bridget Flanery is an rising junior at Alma College and is majoring in Environmental Policy. Currently, Bridget is serving a quarter term with the Conservation Corps in Minnesota. At college she is President of Student Congress, Vice President of Alpha Phi Omega and a First Year Student Resident Assistant. After school, Bridget looks forward to working in an Environmental Consulting firm to advance sustainable progress within corporations.

Jaycee Wise - Fellow

Jaycee Wise is a senior at Alma College majoring in Environmental Science. She has been part of a group of students working to bring a big box style farm to Alma Michigan with the goal of bringing healthy fresh produce year round to the town.

Cassidy Beach - Fellow

Cassidy Beach is an upcoming sophomore at Alma College double majoring in Anthropology and English with a minor in Psychology. At Alma she is member of the Model United Nations team, the Women’s Soccer team, and the Presidential Honor’s Program. Last year she earned a Girl Scout Gold Award and a Presidential Service Award for her community outreach. Cassidy has a strong passion for helping others and intends to pursue humanitarian work as a career. 

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Madison Amlotte - Campus Director

Madison Amlotte is an upcoming Junior at Alma College who strongly in committing oneself to the community in which you live and making it a better place than when you began. She is heavily involved on campus including being President of the Class of 2020, a Varsity Athlete, student representative to the Board of Trustees, and in leadership of two other organizations, and a member of Alma College’s award winning Model United Nations Team. She hopes that this project will create positive change in the community and hopes to find a career in policy advocacy after graduation. 

Maliena Kai Boone - Fellow

Maliena Boone is a senior at Alma College majoring in sociology and double minoring in public health and environmental studies! She and a few of her peers helped co-found the Big Box Farm Project. Their goal is to help our community thrive and prosper through nutrient enriched, pesticide free, clean produce. We hope to see community involvement in the near future as a project grows and becomes a reality!

Demetri Christian - Fellow

Demetri Christian is a Senior, majoring in Political Science at Alma College. He is involved in the Public Affairs institute and has an interest in Media. He is a passionate member of the Big Box Team!

Atulya Dora-Laskey - Fellow

Atulya Dora-Laskey is currently a Sophmore at Alma College studying Political Science and New Media studies with a minor in History. He grew up in Alma and wants to help give back to the community, while also working on a model for co-ops that can be replicated in towns across America. He’s interested in public policy and digital media.

Hannah Chrome - Fellow

Hannah Chrome is a sophomore at Alma College.  She is on the women’s soccer team and has competed at two conferences with Alma’s Model UN team.  She plans to double major in Pre-Med and Public Health and minor in Spanish.  Hannah’s end goal is to become a pediatrician. 

Destiny Herbers - Fellow

Destiny Herbers is a sophomore studying Public Affairs. She is a member of the model United Nations team, as well as Amnesty International, Phi Sigma Sigma, and Alpha Phi Omega. She also enjoys swing dancing with the Hepcats and singing in the choir.

Rose Cyburt

Rose Cyburt is a junior at Alma College, focusing on Political Science and Communication, with the hopes of going into a career in Social Work. Rose has competed in four Model United Nation conferences in St. Louis, Missouri and New York, representing Libya, Morocco, Tanzania, and Sudan in General Assembly Second Committee. She has researched topics on ICT for development, the Addis Ababa Action Agenda, and green economy for sustainable development, tourism for poverty eradication, and her favorite focus being on the benefits from urbanization. Rose is passionate about how to finance solutions to world problems and creating foundations for developing economies.

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