The Big Box Farm project is working to create an indoor aquaponics-based urban farm to help eliminate the diseases that come with inequality and poor nutrition in Gratiot County while making the best use of our resources. 

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Welcome! The Big Box Farm Project grew out of the Public Affairs program at Alma College in Alma, Michigan. Even though Alma is a major farming community, the area is still classified as a food desert, meaning that it is extremely difficult to buy or obtain affordable, quality fresh food. This 

compounded with the high rates of poverty has led to an epidemic of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes in the area; all of which can be largely prevented or reversed with proper nutrition. By using the vacant K-Mart building in Alma to house an indoor aquaponics-based vertical farm, students at Alma College hope to increase food security and overall health of the community, raise the economic status of our local farmers, employ the most sustainable farming techniques to ensure proper use of resources, and combat the issues of poverty across the county.